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About Jitsan

Product packaging has been the subject of extensive consumer research. This is simply because of the fact that packaging plays a major role in defining the shelf appeal and shelf life of a product. In the pharmaceutical industry though, the use of packaging is multifold. Apart from meeting the stringent demands of the industry in terms of material usage and resistance to various elements, it has to retain its appeal and has to offer conve-nience of storage, transportation and handling.

As one of the leading players in the field of plastic packaging, Jitsan Enterprises has made a remarkable difference to the pharma industry due to its high quality of materials and understanding of material science. Today, Jitsan manufactures an entire array of pharma packaging materials like Bottles of various sizes and shapes, Containers of different varieties, Assembly Droppers, Closures & Caps, Measuring Cups, Plastic Spoons, Spike Caps and Dust Caps, among others. Our specialty, however, is the Leak Proof Dropper/Squeeze Bottles ranging from 5ml to 100ml, with Narrow Neck.

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Design Innovation

Designing for pharmaceutical packaging involves focus on various critical aspects like form, function, weatherability, and ergonomics. Our design engineers consider all these aspects and design the product in such a way that manufacturing does not become a major challenge. Our designers ensure that the cost aspect too is given relevant importance since pharmaceutical products need to be extremely cost effective so that they are within reach of every segment of the society. Our designers and engineers have the capability to design an entirely new concept or tweak an existing design for cost-quality optimisation.

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