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Advantage Infrastructure

Housed in a building area, we are equipped with Jomar injection-blow moulding machines. It is a fully automated, computer controlled system with on screen troubleshooting and diagnostics. There is no human touch at any stage of the automated process. These are designed to create plastic bottles and containers that meet exacting standards with consistent weight, volume tolerance and quality. These top end machines are capable of processing a variety of materials and give a high output with accuracy, and precision ensuring superior quality from the first piece to the last.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our state of the art manufacturing facility at Daman, around 150 kms from Mumbaii, is spread across 1600 square meters of land. This unit has 7500 square feet of clean room environment. The facility is equipped with Injection-Blow Moulding Machine (Jomar USA-M65), Injection Moulding Machines (Ferromatic Milacron 50 Tons to 200 Tons) and Blow Moulding Machines (50ml to 2000 ml). We have an Internationally approved technology to produce dropper bottles. This computerised process is fully automated, with on-screen troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Each of our manufacturing policies and procedures are governed by cGMPs and CAPA while our manufacturing facilities comply with ISO 15378-2017 standards. Needless to say, our procedures assure 100% lot traceability.

Even in the packaging domain, we are DMF registered (File no. 20972) for Type III packing materials.

Our post-production design enhancement facilities include Heat transfer, Shrink sleeve, Labelling, Pad printing and Screen printing.

Design Innovation

Designing for pharmaceutical packaging involves focus on various critical aspects like form, function, weatherability, and ergonomics. Our design engineers consider all these aspects and design the product in such a way that manufacturing does not become a major challenge. Our designers ensure that the cost aspect too is given relevant importance since pharmaceutical products need to be extremely cost effective so that they are within reach of every segment of the society. Our designers and engineers have the capability to design an entirely new concept or tweak an existing design for cost-quality optimisation.

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